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​​​Pet Sitting & In-Home Training

The Busy Dog


  • Dog Training in Your Home

  • Pet Sitting

  • Cats/small animal visits

  • Mail pickup/plant care

About My Personalized Care Service

I care because I have had my own beloved pets and years of practice taking care of 4-legged friends of many kinds.  I've lived with turtles, fish, and rabbits and have cared for reptiles, guinea pigs, and many other types of pets. This is why I do pet sitting, in-home dog training and dog walking - I love animals and want to let you relax and be worry-free when you're away.  

I have worked with young dogs who haven't learned anything yet, high energy dogs who need help redirecting all that energy, and dogs who have behavior issues such as aggression or are fearful. I want to help and share what I've learned. 


I have been owned by and loved many cats.  I love to share memories of Douffus, Bear, Pharoah and Sybil - who each had an amazingly appropriate name!


This service was built in memory of my much-beloved China, a black field lab who touched many hearts and taught many lessons in her 13 years of life, to Chelsea, a happy Border Collie who is having a grand time in Montana herding her companion dogs, and to Casey, a black lab husky mix who taught me a new level of determination and calm.

Dogs have taught me patience and awareness.  I have learned how to train dogs in

  • Behavior issues (which often comes with adopting rescued dogs)
  • Obedience
  • Agility
  • Fly Ball, and
  • Dock Diving

There isn't much any dog can come up with that I haven't run into before.

My Newest Member

This is Raven - a coon hound mix and old girl who has come to be in my care.  She is the sweetest, gentlest dog in the world and has developed quite a fan following.