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​​​Pet Sitting & In-Home Training

The Busy Dog


  • Dog Training in Your Home

  • Pet Sitting

  • Cats/small animal visits

  • Mail pickup/plant care

For the cost of a regular visit, I offer mail pickup, plant care, or taking your pet to the vet or groomer.  

Other Services

In Home Dog Training - $60

During this session (typically 1 1/2 - 2 hours), we'll define your needs and build a schedule and plan that fits your goals.  Typically, the focus is on one of these areas:

  • Basic at-home behavior training - house training, mouthing, jumping
  • Must have manners - Sit, down, stand, stay, come, leave it, and off
  • Behavior issues - leash pulling, lunging, chasing, aggressive to people or dogs, not listening, fearful, destructive, etc.

Follow-up Practice Sessions - $40
Learning new habits takes practice and it's often good to have your trainer with you to help you refine your technique.  Scheduling practice sessions (usually 30-45 minutes) gives you the support you need to master new skills.

Phone Consultations - $25 

This service is best suited for current clients who need a bit more support but don't need a personal session - just some tips or advice. 

Some issues, such as aggression, normally require in-home visits and are not suitable for phone consultations.

In Home Dog Training

30 minute visits - $15

Second dog charge is additional $5. If you have more than 2 pets, let's talk.

On-Leash Dog Walking, Cat & Small Animal Care

Freeport, Illinois