​​​Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, & Training

The Busy Dog


  • Dog Training 

  • Pet Sitting / Dog Walking

  • Cats/small animal visits

  • ​Pet taxi

  • Mail pickup/plant care

For the cost of a regular visit, we offer mail pickup, plant care, or taking your pet to the vet or groomer.  Let us know what you need and we'll do our best to help.

Other Services

In Home Dog Training - $65

During this session (typically 1 1/2 - 2 hours), we'll define your needs and build a schedule that fits your goals.  Typically, the focus is on one of these areas:

  • Basic at-home behavior training - house training, mouthing, jumping
  • Must have manners - Sit, down, stand, stay, come, leave it, and off
  • Behavior issues - leash pulling, lunging, chasing, aggressive to people or dogs, not listening, fearful, destructive, etc.

Follow-up Practice Sessions - $35
Learning new habits takes practice and it's often good to have your trainer with you to help you refine your technique.  Scheduling practice sessions (usually 30-45 minutes) gives you the support you need to master new skills.

Phone Consultations - $30 

This service is best suited for current clients who need a bit more support. For those who are comfortable dog owners, but have one or two specific behavior issues that you need help with, phone consultations are available. 

Some issues, such as aggression, normally require in-home visits and are not suitable for phone consultations.

In Home Dog Training

30 minute visits - $15

Second dog charge is additional $5. If you have more than 2 pets, let's talk.

On-Leash Dog Walking, Cat & Small Animal Care

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